September 2014

Shells with butternut squash-ricotta filling and brown butter sage sauce

Butternut Squash Shells With Brown Butter Sage Sauce

A very wise editor I used to work with spoke often of the misuse of the exclamation point. She was not a fan of the emphatic “thank you!” or “hi!” in e-mails either because, honestly, you were never THAT appreciative or happy toward someone you worked with. She told us that editors and writers are only given 3 exclamation marks to use in their ENTIRE lifetime of writing, so you better use them well. Personally, I break this rule daily, as an email “thank you” without the exclamation mark is more likely to be construed as passive aggression. As predicted, we’re all de-sensitized to the exclamation mark. However, if there was ever a time to justify an exclamation mark, now is one of those times…

Shells Stuffed With Butternut Squash in Brown Butter Sage Sauce!

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Pancake tacos

What to Do With Day-Old Leftover Pancakes

Before you say, “um, ew, gross,” trust me on this one. I am a bit of a leftover snob, so for me to endorse this recipe, courtesy of my amazing boyfriend, Justin, says a lot! A frequent problem I have is making too many pancakes on a Saturday morning. I feel guilty eating more than my share but equally guilty throwing out perfectly tasty pancakes! So here is my solution if you have the same problem as me…

Pancake Tacos

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Grown-up Spicy Chicken Fries

Grown-up Spicy Chicken Fries

Sometimes, when you just need to feel like a kid again, nothing does the trick better than chicken fingers and French fries. This recipe combines the two into one nostalgia-inducing snack, but add some spice and presentation, and you can pass it off as a classy appetizer. No judgment here. Everyone will love it.

Spicy Chicken Fries

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Polenta With Caprese Salad

As Satisfying as a Perfectly Placed Semi-Colon…

… that’s how amazing this recipe is. Oooooh, I bet your mouth is watering now. The components of this recipe can stand alone, but together, they make a satisfying bite. Each forkful is a total package deal when you get a piece of the nutty polenta cake, the peppery greens, the burst of acidity from the tomato, and, of course, the luscious melty mozzarella cheese.

Crispy Parmesan Polenta Cakes With Caprese Salad

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