October 2014

Chili and biscuits

Out-of-this-World Chili and Biscuits

I must be Southern at heart because there is nothing I enjoy more on a crisp fall evening than chili and a slice of cornbread. There’s just something inexplicably comforting about that perfect forkful of beans, beef, bread, and cheese. Here’s my take on this classic dish…

Spicy Poblano Pepper Chili With Cheddar Biscuits

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Veggie with rice with light lemon butter sauce

The “Day-After-Popeye’s” Dinner

I call this the “Day-After-Popeye’s” dinner based on my own guilt-inducing experience having indulged in a satisfying-in-the-moment dinner comprised of fried chicken, Cajun fries, and of course, the buttery biscuit. This is a great dinner for those nights when you want something (relatively) guilt-free and easy on your stomach, but also more satisfying than a plate of lettuce. This also makes a sensible side dish for a chicken, steak, or pork dish.

 Guiltless Green Dinner With Light Lemon Sauce

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