May 2015

Crostini with tomato-basil and ricotta pea smash

Crostini Two Ways: Creamy Ricotta-Pea and Fresh Tomato Basil

Warm weather on the way signals two important things for me: Saturday visits to the farmers’ market for fresh vegetables and the smell of herbs growing in my balcony garden. Make the most of fresh locally grown tomatoes and herbs with this super easy and flavorful appetizer that’s perfect for entertaining. Beware: they’re dangerously addictive.

Tomato-Basil and Ricotta-Pea Crostini

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Couscous with carrots and avocado

Just in Thyme for Dinner: Couscous With Roasted Carrots and Avocado

Here’s a simple summer dish that’s light, refreshing, and makes great use of local, seasonal ingredients. Creamy avocado pairs well with the hearty, roasty flavor of olive oil and thyme on a bed of herbed couscous.  A bright lemon vinaigrette pulls the entire dish together.

Couscous With Roasted Thyme Carrots and Avocado

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