January 2016

Packet Magazine: In Defense of Butter

A little column I wrote about butter made the Good Taste column in the October 2015 issue of Packet Magazine. Lots of love to my friends at the Packet who believe in defending butter as much as I do! This article briefly explores the history of butter, its journey from vilified diet saboteur to deliciously misunderstood friend. It also includes a little recipe for browning butter with pistachios over ravioli and a few tips if you are trying to reduce your butter intake. Enjoy!

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In Defense of Butter

In Defense of Butter

Minestrone with crispy kale

Super Soup!

With that New Year’s diet guilt creeping up again, it’s time to stock the fridge with super foods and lean protein. After indulging in every sugar-coated carb in sight for the holidays, January 1 is a sobering day for your waistline. But you don’t have to deprive yourself of a good meal to get back on track with your diet. Try this recipe that will fill you up and warm you up!  Full disclosure: I’ve never been a huge kale fan, but I’m addicted to it after preparing it in my new air-fryer. In this recipe, the kale adds a crispy, salty crunch to this hearty soup.

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Packet Magazine: Mistral and Elements of Princeton

For the October 2015 issue of Packet Magazine, I got the chance to interview Scott Anderson, the executive chef of Princeton’s Mistral and Elements on Witherspoon Street. It was a real treat to pick the brain of this award-winning rock star of a chef and then sample his cuisine at Mistral. I will not soon forget the bites I had at Mistral… this is locally-sourced farm-to-table dining with creative flavor profiles without the fussy portions or price tag.

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Princeton's hottest restaurant corner

Princeton’s Hottest Restaurant Corner: Where Farm to Table Meets Unforgettable at Mistral and Elements