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Mexican sushi - beans, avocado, cheese

Mexican Sushi

If you love Mexican food and you love sushi, why not put them together? Granted, this creation is a loose application of the word sushi, but you get the idea—they’re bite-size roll-ups of bean, cheese, and avocado goodness! Similar to that addictive umami flavor of sushi, these roll-ups pack a ton of flavor, especially if you use a flavored tortilla: spicy salsa balanced by creamy avocado; the heartiness of the beans balanced by the freshness of lime juice and cilantro; and the crunchy topping balanced by the lusciously smooth filling.

These roll-ups make a fun appetizer for entertaining. Or, make them into a meal by adding a side of chips and salsa and a simple quesadilla. Ole!

Vegetarian Mexican “Sushi”

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Pancake tacos

What to Do With Day-Old Leftover Pancakes

Before you say, “um, ew, gross,” trust me on this one. I am a bit of a leftover snob, so for me to endorse this recipe, courtesy of my amazing boyfriend, Justin, says a lot! A frequent problem I have is making too many pancakes on a Saturday morning. I feel guilty eating more than my share but equally guilty throwing out perfectly tasty pancakes! So here is my solution if you have the same problem as me…

Pancake Tacos

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