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Lemon-Walnut Spaghetti

Easy Lemon-Walnut Spaghetti

I LOVE lemon sauce with pasta. Don’t get me wrong—a thick, zesty marinara is always good. But this lemon sauce is to die for. Tart, herbaceous, and nutty. Feel free to toss in your favorite protein or serve alongside a simple veggie, like the blanched haricot verts pictured here.

Lemon-Walnut Spaghetti

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Very veggie pasta

Very Veggie Weeknight Pasta

OK, so you overindulged this Thanksgiving weekend – everybody, just calm down. For a light and satisfying transition back into normal eating, try this super colorful, super easy, and super flavorful pasta dish packed with veggies and lean protein. Psst…there’s a hidden serving of veggies if you use the veggie-based pasta (per 4-oz portion).

Very Veggie Pasta

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Lemon potatoes

Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite side dish

I first had Greek lemon potatoes 3 years ago in a fabulous little Greek restaurant near my old office. I had never thought about pairing lemon with potatoes before, but boy was I missing out on something so comforting and delicious. Ever since, I’ve been trying to recreate the magic of those Greek potatoes at home. My recipe is definitely not as good as the real thing (I don’t know how they do it!), but it’s pretty close. At least, it serves as an elevated side dish to just about any main course.

Greek-Inspired Lemon Potatoes

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Greek nachos

Greek Nachos with Homemade Garlic Hummus

This dish is great for entertaining or as a single-serving supper. The garlic in the hummus, the brininess of the Kalamata olives, the saltiness of the feta—I love working with these classic Greek flavors because each one packs a huge punch and work well together in each bite. Plus, they’re so easy to mix and match depending on what you like. That’s also why I didn’t bother listing exact amounts for most of the toppings in the ingredients list—you can add as much or as little as you like!

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Couscous with carrots and avocado

Just in Thyme for Dinner: Couscous With Roasted Carrots and Avocado

Here’s a simple summer dish that’s light, refreshing, and makes great use of local, seasonal ingredients. Creamy avocado pairs well with the hearty, roasty flavor of olive oil and thyme on a bed of herbed couscous.  A bright lemon vinaigrette pulls the entire dish together.

Couscous With Roasted Thyme Carrots and Avocado

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Beurre Blanc, My New Date Night Dinner Staple

As I get more comfortable with basic cooking techniques with my go-to ingredients, I sometimes get the burst of courage and inspiration to try something more difficult. This time, inspiration took the form of salmon with beurre blanc (which is French for “omg-I-died-and-went-to-heaven-velvety-awesome white butter sauce”). To even out the challenges of cooking a protein and sauce I’ve never made before, I kept the other parts of this dish simple—virtually foolproof steam-in-the-bag fingerling potatoes and simply dressed green beans. And, to help ensure my salmon would be evenly cooked, I bought same-sized pre-portioned filets from the fish counter and used the foil-packet technique, which I read is good for beginners. The result? A spotless plate, newfound confidence in cooking salmon, and recurring dreams of drinking beurre blanc by the gallon.

Salmon with Beurre Blanc, Haricot Vert, and Ricotta-Mashed Fingerling Potatoes

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Baked Lemon Chicken, Tri-Color Angel Hair

New Year’s Diet Making You Hangry?

…I’ve got just the thing for that. If you’re like me (and the thousands of Americans) who suddenly felt the need to crash diet come January 1, you’re probably starting to lose willpower at this point, as your round-the-clock stomach pains have manifested into feelings of irritability and anger, making you lash out at people for no apparent reason. The truth this, I don’t like my hangry self, and neither do the other drivers on the road. So I devised a simple, satisfying dish that won’t wreak havoc of your FitBit calorie counter. I calculated an estimated 800 calories per plate, which isn’t terrible considering that this is a “treat” for us Resolution Dieters – baked chicken is better than fried, olive oil is a good fat for the heart, and you can substitute a healthier pasta option if you like (eg, veggie-fortified, spaghetti squash). And the best part is – it has a CARB and BUTTER.

Baked Parmesan Chicken With Lemony Tri-Color Angel Hair

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Butter chicken pinwheels with haricot vertes and lemon ricotta twice-baked potatoes.

Oh You Fancy Now? A Tasty, Elegant, and Budget-Friendly Dinner Party for 4

When I’m hosting friends for dinner, I try not to overthink a complicated menu. I strive for comfort food that is elegant but not fussy, and ingredients that yield good-size portions without breaking the bank. I’m fortunate to have a farmers’ market nearby, so I get all of my fresh vegetables for a fraction of the cost at the grocery store. That’s how I was able to pull of this meal for roughly $5 per person, and if you follow these steps, you’ll be done and ready to serve in an hour!

Crispy Butter Chicken Pinwheels with Roasted Haricot Vert and Twice-Baked Lemon Ricotta Potatoes

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Veggie with rice with light lemon butter sauce

The “Day-After-Popeye’s” Dinner

I call this the “Day-After-Popeye’s” dinner based on my own guilt-inducing experience having indulged in a satisfying-in-the-moment dinner comprised of fried chicken, Cajun fries, and of course, the buttery biscuit. This is a great dinner for those nights when you want something (relatively) guilt-free and easy on your stomach, but also more satisfying than a plate of lettuce. This also makes a sensible side dish for a chicken, steak, or pork dish.

 Guiltless Green Dinner With Light Lemon Sauce

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